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  1. How To: Setup Web Server (php and MySQL) on the LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14727]
    LinkStation can be setup as a web server to publish web contents.The Web hosting feature is implemented by a dedicated Apache web server, MySQL Data Base server and PHP support.Follow this procedure to enable Web server and MySQL feature on the LinkStation....
  2. How to: Setup secure page with simple login using PHP and MySQL hosted on LinkStation WEB Server.
    [Answer ID: 14752]
    For Information on how to enable WEB hosting on TeraStation see this link.  The following instructions is provided as an example on how to implement a PHP/MySQL authentication/login....
  3. How to connect a printer to your LinkStation
    [Answer ID: 14920]
    Notes:•Only one USB printer can be connected to the LinkStation.•Bidirectional communication is not supported i.e., remaining ink quantities and other printer status information is not supported....
  4. How to Reset the Password for the TeraStation
    [Answer ID: 14931]
    TeraStation TS4000, TS5000, and TS7000 TeraStation TS-8VHL, TS-6VHL, TS-QVHL, TS-WVHL, TS-RVHL TeraStation TS-TGL / TS-HTGL / TS-RHTGL / TS-ITGL / TS-RITGL / TS-DHTGL / TS-X series...
  5. Movie:AXIS Camera Companion Installaion Tutorial
    [Answer ID: 14964]
  6. Movie: How to Rebuild a RAID 5 Array
    [Answer ID: 14965]
  7. Movie: Buffalo Terastation Surveillance Setup
    [Answer ID: 15033]
  8. Movie: Set Up TeraStation 5000 WSS NAS Appliance Series
    [Answer ID: 15034]
  9. Movie: Configuring the Buffalo WebAccess for Buffalo NAS devices
    [Answer ID: 15035]
  10. Movie: How to configure BitTorrent with your Linkstation
    [Answer ID: 15036]
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