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  1. LinkStation - How can I use Direct Copy?
    [Answer ID: 12566]
    Direct Copy automatically copies movie, music, and images directly to the LinkStation from a USB device. Note:Direct Copy is not available if there is no USB port on your LinkStation....
  2. How can I connect a wireless network in AOSS (AirStation One-touch Secure System) with Client Manager 3?
    [Answer ID: 12580]
    AOSS is a system which enables you to automatically configure wireless LAN settings. Just pressing the button will connect wireless devices and complete security settings. Here is the procedure for how to connect a wireless network in AOSS with Client Manager 3 attached with the product....
  3. What do the error/information codes indicate? (LS-WVL, LS-WXL series)
    [Answer ID: 12765]
    Status LED There are 5 LEDs on the LinkStation: "Power", "Function", "Info/Error", "Link/Act"and "AC adaptor". Power LED StatusDescriptionsGlowing BlueThe LinkStation is powered on....
  4. What do the error/information codes indicate? (LS-VL,LS-XHL,LS-CHL)
    [Answer ID: 12767]
    Blue LEDWhen LinkStation is turned ON, the Power LED glows blue. When LinkStation is turned OFF, it goes out. Blinking Orange/Amber LED (information code)When the power LES flashes orange on the front of LinkStation, information codes are available. The way it flashed indicated the message....
  5. What do the error codes/information codes indicate? (LS-QVL series)
    [Answer ID: 12769]
     Diagram and LayoutDuring normal operation, the power LED will glow blue when LinkStation is turned ON. The power LED goes out when LinkStation is turned OFF.Blinking Orange/Amber Power LED (information code) ...
  6. No LinkStation is found in the network
    [Answer ID: 13648]
    Your computer is not connected to the same network with your LinkStation.Since NAS Navigator2 is not able to find the LinkStation, the LinkStation is on the different network from the computer....
  7. How can I replace a hard drive and rebuild a RAID array in the LinkStation? (LS-WVL, LS-WXL)
    [Answer ID: 13688]
    Follow the steps below to replace a failed hard drive.If a drive in your LinkStation fails, identify the failed drive from Settings(*) by navigating to [System] – [Storage]. Replace it with a Buffalo Technology OP-HD series drive of the same capacity, available from www.buffalotech.com....
  8. How do I know if the external USB drive is recognized by the CloudStation?
    [Answer ID: 13824]
    You can check if the external USB drive is recognized by the following three methods. Check on the local Web interfaceCheck on the remote Web interfaceCheck on (My) Computer* * This is when your CloudStation is allocated as Pogoplug local drive....
  9. What do the error codes/information codes indicate? (LS-XL series)
    [Answer ID: 14030]
    Diagram and Layout When the AC adapter is connected, the power LED will glow blue.The LED turns off when the power is turned off. The LED will blink blue during start up and during the firmware update process....
  10. How do I stop a multiple SSID?
    [Answer ID: 14069]
    This happens because of the function you can set different security level to different SSID.You can connect the devices which support different security level to one router at the same time....
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